Advanced Furniture Solutions


Furniture should adapt to every environment, to every style and optimally support diverse activities.

Individual activities such as a short notebook session... or small group meetings in an acoustically improved environment where mobile communication devices can be charged and connected to the network. 

Multi-functional landscapes of combined furniture elements for varied activities in an open office environment… in public waiting areas such as airports… modern multi-purpose breakout areas… business lounges… hotel lobbies… or food and beverage outlets and other informal locations.  

Mixing soft seating with tables and other units is the main principle on which the Elements-range is based. Not only does the modularity provide unlimited possibilities to create different combinations, the wood grain textures creates a beautiful eye-catcher when combined with the various fabrics.

A table combination like these offers multi-user possibilities. People can sit across each other two by two, or turn 90 degrees with four people sitting around the table. This way the table can be used as a small meeting table in an office or as a reading table in public spaces or any waiting area. It can even be used in flex-work situations as well by plugging your laptop in the power-units in the tabletop.

CONFERENCING & Screen Sharing


Integrated communication enables optimal circumstances for presentations, training sessions or video-conferencing.

Sitting in a sheltered environment consisting of circular or straight sofas, or sitting at a table, the integrated communications tools can be hidden completely, effectively changing the table into a traditional conference table. 

The world is becoming 'digital'. Paper and hand-writing is disappearing out of our working environment day by day. Still, sitting around a big table is a perfect place to have a meeting. Though nowadays we need good ways to share the digital documents.

By using modern open source software like Skype, Google+ and Screenleap screen-sharing is available to anybody. Viewing the same document, film, presentation or 3D-file with more people at the same time, without being at the same location is becoming the new standard in communications.

The Bridge with the optional LCD-lift can be connected to the table replacing the table leg at this side. The screen, cables and other IT-hardware are hidden inside the Bridge with easy access from the back-side by taking out the upholstered panel.

All the hassle of installing a beamer at the ceiling and connecting all the cable to the different devices is a thing from the past. The Bridge offers a far more simple solution having the screen and other hardware hidden inside. Forget about hanging a projection screen at the wall. Use the LCD-screen that is available when you need it. Just press the remote control and the screen appears and your meeting can begin!

Flex Working


Tabletops that rotate....

Instantly transforming an individual workplace into a conference area suitable for multiple users.

Individual flex-working or interaction with a colleague? These high couches provide privacy and comfort. The high backrest around you will block disturbing background noises coming from the surrounding environment. The tabletop swivels 360 degrees, making it easy to access the seat and provide a handy table to place your laptop, tabloid or any other device.

The optional spotlight with warm LED light completes this flex-work station and adds extra ambiance to the little micro environment.

The electrification unit integrated in the setup can be pulled out to charge up your devices or provide access to the data-network.


Multi-functional landscapes of combined furniture elements...

in public waiting areas such as airports… modern multi-purpose breakout areas… business lounges… hotel lobbies… 

Some of the elements are designed to add extra functionality in a waiting area. The different Bridges from the elements range can be placed between the seats and are available in different lengths, heights and offer several different solutions.

The optional curved wood-covers around the Bridges make it possible to place your coffee. The integrated electrification units can be pulled out to plug in your laptop or other device. The optional table lamp upgrades the seat to a perfect reading place.

Placing the Bridges with cover between the seats creates a highly suitable situation for public locations. No extra loose furniture like small coffee tables are needed. Lights and power-sockets are fully integrated and all cables are safely hidden under the seats and not accessible for regular users. The wood-covers can be cleaned easily and offer extra protection for the fabric when people use their laptop, drinks or other items in daily use.

The extra 30cm width of the bridge creates exactly enough privacy between people. Combining seats with bridges guarantees an efficient use of the available square meters at any location.

Sheltered environment


Have a small group meeting while sitting in a sheltered environment consisting of circular or straight sofas.

Due to its unique shape the setup creates the perfect place for a small group meeting or a quick interaction with another person. The high backrest around you will block disturbing background noises coming from the surrounding environment. The table in the middle provides support for one or two laptops. The optional surrounding worktop outside creates individual workplaces. Using the available square meters efficiently. Optional electrification units can be placed at the backside to provide power for laptops, tablets and other portable devices.

in the mix


Mixing soft seating with tables and other units...

Mixing the modular components with mobile loose seats like the Shelter Acoustic Chair and the Mobi creates a playfull setting. The Bridge-Cabinet separates the place in two parts.

The Shelter Acoustic Chair doesn't only offer excellent comfort to relax in.  Due to the high back with the curved panels around your head, these chairs isolate the person who sits in it from disturbing background noises. In regard of this acoustic performance the shelter doesn't only fit in a lobby or hospitality surrounding, it'll feel right at home in an open office or any public space as well.

Because of the light weight base, the chair can be moved easily to any spot in the interior. For instance during a spontaneous gathering with colleagues in the office. By placing several Shelter-chairs in a small circle, the perfect spot for a casual conversation is created.



Arrangements that offer multiple functions which can be used simultaneously, ensuring optimal use of the available square meters.

Having a seat at one side and a worktop at the other creates hybrid situations for different tasks in a flexible interior.

Activity-based-working requires sufficient acoustics, plug & play facilities everywhere and privacy when concentration is needed. People can sit at the outside, working on their laptop while having a conversation. At the inside the flex-workstations create the necessary privacy and acoustics to concentrate. The spotlights will keep inside places light in spite of the high rise backs of the seats. The 50cm deep worktop offers ample space for your laptop, which can be plugged into the extra power-units at the backside of the seats.The Hybrids are unique configurations which perfectly fit in any library, flexible office or educational environment.

Open Office


A combination of various furniture elements in an open office environment.

Besides seating elements the product range also offers table elements. The Bridge Cabinet has various purposes. It separates the tables, hides all cables inside and creates personal storage accessible from two sides. By adding a glass screen or eco-panel screen onto the tabletop the meeting-table is divided into two separated workstations.